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What's True For You

From Sorority Bitches to Wellness Witches, Megan and Hailey are two Pacific Northwest wellness junkies who will try anything once in the name of self-care and good energy!

Apr 16, 2021

This week we chat with Aisha Beau Johnson, digital content creator, writer, speaker, and podcast host focused on beauty, wellness, mental health, and more! Aisha shares her story about how, after working for years to land her dream job as a fashion publicist, she realized it was not fulfilling her, and in fact was contributing to her anxiety. She took a leap of faith and became an entrepreneur, by focusing on her blog Over the last three years, Aisha has built a brand that focuses on beauty, wellness, and self care for women of color.  


You can connect with Aisha here and here.

You can listen to her podcast, Re-Written here.


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