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Sage Sisters Podcast

From Sorority Bitches to Wellness Witches, Megan and Hailey are two Pacific Northwest wellness junkies who will try anything once in the name of self-care and good energy!

Oct 12, 2018

In this episode, we mention:

  • Our favorite places to shop for crystals:
    • Gem Heaven - Pike Place Market, Seattle
    • Moore Than Rocks - Kent, WA
    • NW Rockhounds - Northgate area, Seattle
    • Madrona House Apothecary - Madrona area, Seattle
    • Earthlight Gems & Rocks - Kirkland, WA
    • Dandelion Botanical Company - Ballard area, Seattle
    • Crystal Dragon Caverns - online & IG @crystaldragoncaverns
    • Energy Muse - online & IG @energymuse and their incredible book called Crystal Muse
    • Gem State Crystals - Moscow, ID & IG @gem.state.crystals