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Sage Sisters Podcast

From Sorority Bitches to Wellness Witches, Megan and Hailey are two Pacific Northwest wellness junkies who will try anything once in the name of self-care and good energy!

Jun 11, 2021

Trish Kendall has an incredible story. When she was young, her father sexually abused her for years, which lead to drug addiction, and an eventual decision to end her life. Except, a phone call from her sister changed all that and put her on the path to recovery, self-discovery, love, and success. We chat with Trish all...

Jun 4, 2021

Meet our new best friend, Kate Eckman! Kate is an executive coach, TV personality, model, former elite athlete, meditation teacher, and author. We chat with her all about her journey of self-development and discovery, happiness, and purpose which lead to this book, The Full Spirit Workout: A Ten-Step System to Shed Your...